Financial Transaction Processing

  • Proper bookkeeping from source documents
  • Bank, credit and cash transactions
  • Processing of debtors, creditors, stock and general ledger transactions
  • Keeping proper audit trails for audit and tax purposes

Preparation of Monthly Management Accounts

  • Preparation of management accounts on a regular basis
  • Monitoring and keeping track of income and expenses
  • Monitoring income and expenses against budgets
  • Creating up to date financial information to monitor your business

Preparation of Budgets and Cash Flow Projections

  • To plan ahead
  • To use as a benchmark to gauge actual performances
  • To re-negotiate credit facilities
  • To identify potential problem areas in your business
  • Forms part of your long term business plan

Secretarial Work for Companies, Close Corporations and Trusts

  • Founding companies, close corporations and trusts
  • Acting as accounting officers for close corporations and trusts
  • Acting as trustees for trusts
  • Assisting with statutory requirements such as drafting of shareholders' and directors' meeting minutes, share registers and CIPRO returns

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